• Demonstration Farm

  • Community Water Project

  • Hydro Power Project

  • Karucom

  • Medical Rehabilitation Department

    PHYSIOTHERAPY and rehabilitation Also known as Physical therapy, physiotherapy this is the mode of treatment that does not involve use of chemicals such as those found in tablets or injections. Instead physical and mechanical entities such as the therapist’s hands, manual therapy techniques, electrotherapy equipment and exercise regimens etc are used

  • Mental Health

    Background The mental health department of Kagando hospital was established in 2003 This started basically under the Out-patient Department with the main objective of providing the much required consultation liaison psychiatry services alongside the Medical team who identify the cases and refer for further assessment and comprehensive management by the

  • Intensive Care Unit

    Our intensive care unit is a five-bed capacity. It is a general intensive care unit with exception of the neonates who have their fully fledged department. ICU provides care to patients with life threatening conditions. We have very committed members of staff and a very good teamwork. Patients are often

  • Laboratory

    BACKGROUND Kagando Hospital Clinical Laboratory is a SLIPTA star 4 laboratory that provide high quality service delivery with a wide range of medical laboratory investigations for our patients; all supported by a commitment to exceptional quality results for better patient care, safety and satisfaction. Our mission “To serve and empower

  • Eye Clinic

    Welcome to Kagando Eye Clinic The Eye Department at Kagando Hospital is among the most outstanding ones, offering high quality professional diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases to its clientele. This is due to the highly trained and experienced staff, coupled with the availability of modern equipment. The Department

  • Dental Clinic

    Dental Clinic Background: Kagando Hospital Dental Clinic was started on 1st AUGUST 1997 and is located within the quadrangle of the OutPatient department. Originally managed by general practitioner expertriates in the 1980s and early 90s,It has evolved and now is managed by a Senior Dental Surgeon and a PUBLIC Health Dental