Although the prevention and treatment of disease comprise the main enterprise of KARUDEC, its programs encompassing animal husbandry, agriculture and education significantly enhance the well-being of the community.

The demonstration farm includes dairy cows, a piggery, a chicken hatchery, fish farming and an apiary as well as crop production. It is self-sustaining and provides milk, eggs, meat, fish, honey and crops for the hospital and schools and sells these products in the community at affordable prices. It also serves as a learning resource to improve farming practices in the area.

The Farm also owns a hammer mill as a business enterprise; it mills maize grain, millet and cassava from the community and also supplies maize flour processed to the community through sale. Amidst challenges the hammer has a potential of growing into a large business center for supplying to most of the community schools and private business centers


For the farm enterprises to grow into stronger sources of income to the hospital, there is need for deliberate capitalization from either the hospital or external funding with very limited or no interest to enable the enterprises break even.

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