Kagando Hospital Clinical Laboratory is a SLIPTA star 4 laboratory that provide high quality service delivery with a wide range of medical laboratory investigations for our patients; all supported by a commitment to exceptional quality results for better patient care, safety and satisfaction.
Our mission
“To serve and empower communities through promotion of quality and distinctive diagnosis care, training and research development.”
A Center for quality diagnostic services, training and research for a healthy and productive population.
Our testing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Blood smear for malaria(B/S)
2. Blood Smear for microfilariae
3. Cell blood counts
4. Film comments
5. HB estimation
6. Cultures and sensitivity
7. Renal function tests (RFT)
8. Serum electrolytes
9. Liver function tests
10. GeneXpert
11. CD4 count
13. Stool analysis
14. Urine analysis
15. Salmonella IgG/ IgM
16. HIV test
17. H. pylori AgT
18. Salmonella AgT
19. HepB SAg Test
20. Prothrombin Time
21. Brucella AgT
22. ESR
23. CRP
24. ASOT
25. RF
26. SCT
27. FOB
28. HCG
29. Gram stain
30. ZN
31. Modified ZN
32. Blood grouping and Cross matching
33. Serum / CSF CrAg
34. Toxoplasma titers
35. SSL
36. SSF
37. Semen analysis
38. Sickle Scan Rapid Test
39. PSA Quantitative
40. Hep B e core antigen
41. Thyroid hormones.

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