Musoki Winnie is a 7 months old infant with extensive complications of burns that she survived when a burning candle light up the house accidentally at 8:00pm as her mother had gone out to the trading centre.

She was immediately taken to Bwera Hospital where she was managed for 1 week before being referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital due to the extent of injury but instead opted to come to Kagando Hospital since the parents lacked enough funds. She was then admitted at Kagando Hospital on 5th  Oct/ 2020 one  week after the incident.  At three weeks of age with extensive septic burns on the face, eyes, head and left upper limb, some areas got infested with maggots.

While at Kagando Hospital she stayed for about 6 months from 5th /10 / 2020 to 29th / 03 / 2021, where she underwent ;

  • 11 surgeries in theatre for (serial debridement (wound cleaning), left upper limb amputation (surgically removing left forearm}, skin grafting {covering a large wound with new skin), scalp trepanation (placing holes on skull to help relieve brain tension, infection and help in bone healing) and serial wound dressings).
  • Eye review
  • Blood transfusions and antibiotics
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation
  • Severe Malaria

She was eventually discharged on 29th /   03 / 2021 with extensive contractures (physical deformities} on the face, eyes, head and upper limbs with a small healing scalp wound and mother was able to raise and pay only 130,000=(one hundred and thirty thousand shillings only) out of the invoiced 3,552,100= ( Three million five hundred fifty two thousand and one hundred shilling only} of the hospital bill, so any help given to Musoki Winnie and family to help complete their bill is highly welcomed and appreciated. May the Almighty Father in Heaven surely blesses a giving hand. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Compiled By Dr.Teddy Achola

Medical Officer – Kagando Hospital

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