Introduction and Background

Kagando Rural Development Centre (KARUDEC) is a non-profit making Development Agency of South Rwenzori Diocese (SRD), of the province of Church of Uganda, found in Kasese District. KARUDEC evolved from Kagando Hospital in 1984, out of a need to have a community involvement.

The hospital was founded in 1965 as leprosarium by Missionaries of the Africa Inland Mission (AIM) which later on was handed to the Anglican Church of Uganda upon their departure in 1972.

Over the years the Centre has grown into a vibrant Development arm of South Rwenzori Diocese consisting of a 256-bed Hospital, a Community Development Programme(Community Based Health Care, Capacity Building Programmes, Agriculture and Microfinance),a Chaplaincy, a School of Nursing and Midwifery (Registered nursing, Enrolled comprehensive nursing and Enrolled Midwifery, School of medical laboratory & Theatre Technology, RAU project and a Primary school (Nursery and Vocational training)  a demonstration mixed farm and a community health insurance programme.